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Plinth Scapes

Aquascape Studio

Welcome to Plinthscapes. The one place stop for all your aquarium and aquarium related products and design needs. 

We invite you to have an aquatic adventure at the plinthscapes gallery. dive into deep waters, explore exotic habitats, meet new creatures, make new friends, and have fun!

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About Us

The Background

We are a team of architects involved in all kinds of architectural design works. Green interiors, aquariums, ponds, paludariums and all kinds of water features come under our area of expertise and we provide wholesome solutions to all your design problems with our team of experts.

Our amazing gallery is home to some of the most incredible water features, nature aquariums,paludariums and ponds you’ll ever see in chennai and gives you a chance to be mesmerised and get one for yourself.

Check out our current exhibits and stop by for a visit today!

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Why go for Planted/Nature aquariums?

Explore nature from the confines of your home

All of our exhibits are designed for the enlightenment and education of our visitors, while being mindful of the welfare of our animal residents. Come learn about the varied life forms and environments that make up the world’s natural bodies of water. No matter how many times you visit our gallery, you’ll always find something new!

Living piece of Art

Having a naturalistic aquascaped aquarium or water feature in your room workspace, or common area will add an eye catching living feature that highlight the entire space.



Imagine the sound of running water with lush green plants and elegant beautiful fishes swimming around peacefully, this will not only calm your mind and senses but also improve the entire ambiance of the room.


Vastu / Feng Shui

There is energy all around of us and if you are a believer that the proper arrangement of objects can provide a positive energy flow, then the nature aquariums are the perfect solution for you as our expert aquascapers using many design principles to design your very own slice of nature

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What You Need


Design and Design consultation

Our team of specialised architects and creative design specialists will give you with out of the box design solutions according to your specific needs with a huge area of scope from residential, commercial, etc projects with our speciality in aquascaping and aquariums

Green Interiors / Interior Design

Our team of designers are also involved in green interiors like plant walls, moss walls, garden landscaping, etc and will provide you with all kinds of green solutions.

Aquascaped Planted Aquarium

We specialise in planted aquariums and paludariums of all sizes that is made  using design principles. Any size or space available can be easily designed according to your needs by our team of  aquascapers.

Image by Kyaw Tun

Indoor / Outdoor ponds

We also undertake all kinds of indoor / outdoor ponds, design consultations and maintenance for it as well. Once again design and quality is ensured by our team of architects and experts.

Sale of Fish / Plants / Accessories

Our website also features a marketplace where you can get premium quality fishes and plants and all necessary aquarium accessories aswell.

Tank maintenance

We also provide tank maintenance under various packages according to your needs. subscription forget to apply for a subsription to get free goodies!

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Our Frequently Asked Questions